Small loan for retirees compared.

Finding a small loan is very difficult for pensioners, because the banks want to see this group of people as customers, but not as borrowers. But pensioners do not have to put up with this exclusion. You can compare a small loan for retirees on the Internet.

Do not leave pensioners in the rain

Do not leave pensioners in the rain

There are banks on the Internet that do not leave pensioners in the rain, but also offer a small loan for pensioners in comparison. There are not many providers, but it is still worthwhile to study the offers carefully. At this point, however, it must also be mentioned that a small loan is exactly what the name suggests. The pensioner cannot expect much money. High demands cannot be met.

A comparison is worthwhile if only because some insurance companies do not use the residual debt insurance that is otherwise customary in this case, even though this makes sense for a pensioner. It covers the risk that relatives will have to pay for the loan in the event of death. But such insurance makes the loan more expensive, that must be made very clear.

Use the checking account

Use the checking account

Many account holders, including pensioners, have a overdraft facility in their checking account that was sometimes not used at all. This would also be a way to meet short-term money needs. The emphasis, however, is on the short term, because high interest rates accrue for the use of this disposable. It is actually only worthwhile if it can be quickly compensated within a few months.



A pensioner also needs money and it is actually irresponsible to refuse to give him a small loan. After all, they have a regular deposit on their checking account through their pension. In addition, a loan can be secured against default by means of residual debt insurance.

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