Loan in education without guarantor.

Especially in training, it can be important for many trainees to buy a car or to set up their first apartment. For this reason, a loan in training without a guarantor would be an option. But in most cases, such a loan cannot be obtained from the house bank. Since the borrower, in this case the trainee, cannot yet offer collateral, it will be very difficult to find a suitable loan in this situation in order to be able to fulfill his wishes. But a loan in training without a guarantor is also hopeless.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

One of the most important factors for a loan in training is that the borrower is of legal age. Because only an adult can get a loan according to the legal requirements. In addition, the Private credit checker information should be free of negative entries, which also applies to many other borrowers. If a smaller amount of money is sufficient in training, in some cases an overdraft facility can help, which trainees can also obtain relatively easily. However, the financial scope is not particularly high here and interest rates are also very high here. This ranges from a disposition framework from a training salary for craftsmen to three monthly salaries, possibly for civil servants on revocation.

Loan in training without a guarantor

Loan in training without a guarantor

Trainee lawyers who want to work in higher civil service may have a relatively realistic chance of obtaining a loan in training without a guarantor, as their income is already above the garnishment-free limit during the traineeship period. One way for commercial trainees to get an installment loan is through mail order companies. Here, for example, the furnishings for your first apartment can be bought and paid off in monthly installments. These mail order rates are usually available with a term of 3 to 48 months. Here, too, a regular income, the age of majority and, of course, a clean Private credit checker information are requirements.

Another option for commercial trainees to receive a smaller sum than a loan in training without a guarantor is the wage advance. Commercial trainees have an advantage here because public employers have to adhere to certain advance guidelines. A larger bank loan cannot usually be obtained with noisy means during the training.

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